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The Pampered Puppy: a full service salon since 1992.  We have been selected best salon 19 years in a row.


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Why Choose US

Here are just a few reasons

100 Dept of Agriculture score

We like to keep it that way

Certified Master Groomers

Your furry friends deserve the best

All staff are Dog first aid and CPR certified

You and they matter to us.

Our staff all are licensed through Dept of Agriculture

We are committed to provide you with the best

We are members of the NDGA (National Dog Groomers Association)

We stay connected with the community


Caring for small, medium, large and ex. Large dogs


Partial Groom

Total Body Groom

SPA services

SPA Packages

Total Love

Happy Customers

“The atmosphere and care of the animals here is fantastic. They are allowed to run around and make friends in a clean and happy environment. My dog can sense when we are on the way and he immediately starts to make his little happy sounds in the car. The prices are so reasonable and the staff is friendly and caring. It’s comforting to have such a reliable place for our furry “child” to be groomed!”

“I just picked our boys up from the groomers and was beyond impressed. They came highly recommended and I see why. The shop was very clean you could smell the cleanliness is soon as you walked in the room and my boys looked great. I know they were in good hands. The owner Tara is awesome and so was miss Sam and that did the work on our boys! I would recommend them to anyone”

  • “Pampered Puppy is not only a great dog salon with talented groomers, it is also a puppy play date for your dog. I left the salon I previously used because the groomers there kept my dogs in a kennel for 4-5 hours every time they got a haircut, and my dogs literally left claw marks on me as they tried to get back to the car whenever I left them there. Now, we are greeted by all kinds of canine friends behind the counter who just hang out and play until it’s their turn to get groomed. It’s like a puppy party. The groomers are fast and professional, the cost is less than most salons around, and my dogs (all three of them) are happy campers.”

“I highly recommend them! 110% pleased! Great place! We will be back”

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What does a bath include?

First we assess the skin and general condition of your pet to determine what care and products are needed.  Deep body scrub comes next to eliminate any dirt, dander and hair. We perform a secondary full body scrub and conditioning.  Then we clean the ears, anal glands, perform a blow out dry and then brush.  Costume bows or bandanas included.

How long does it take for the bath?

All appointments take 3 hours from start to finish.

Do you offer any special treatment for sensitive skin?

Please make sure to let us know of any issues or allergies.  We will take every precaution nessersary.

Do you offer paw nail trimming?

Yes. We offer nail dremel and nail painting

Do you take care of fleas?

We offer flea treatment and medicated baths to take care of the unwelcomed guests.

What size dogs to you accept?

Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.  We gladly take good care of any sized friends.

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